Chaos 2020

Hix Explained

Since our founding in 2005, one theme has remained constant, we love making things out of leather, cloth, wood, metal, etc. Working with clients large and small to turn their ideas into beautifully handcrafted products has been an incredible and we can't wait to see what the future holds.

With the disruptions of 2020, we took some time work on the Hix brand. Dreamed a little about the retail experience we would like to create. While there are always setbacks and you are never quite satisfied with your creative, it is time to come out of the bunker.

Moving forward, the site will be broken into two main sections, the "Gift Shop" and Limited Release Drops. 

New products will be added to the "Gift Shop" each month to create a catalog of goods that are always available.

Original art will inspire a collection of limited release drops throughout the year. We love art, create art, collect art... It is time to let that passion breath into the work we share with you.

Chaos Explained 

The first Limited Release drop is Chaos 2020. As we are all well aware, 2020 has certainly been filled with chaos. Our lives, our businesses, our families, have been disrupted in a non stop cycle. This is all of our story this year. The Chaos art touches on that chaos and poses the question often wondered in 2020, What's Really Going On?